Starfish Lily
Starfish Lily

Ethnotronic Rock is positioned to become the first distinctive new sound of the new century. Haven’t heard of it?... Well, that’s about to change.

Inventive musical duo STARFISH LILY has devised this term after repeatedly being asked to describe their unique musical style. How else to describe original songs that confidently mix World Music influences with avant garde electronic experimentalism, and Classical Music forms with “traditional” rock songwriting?

Lynn F. Kowal

If you’ve ever heard the opening title theme for the television show HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET, you’ve had a sampling of the form. Songwriter, singer, electronics fidget LYNN F. KOWAL is the composer behind the “Homicidal” sound of the show and she’s now focused that unique compositional style on STARFISH LILY’s debut album Delicate One. Interested in giving a listen? Then head over to Garage

Vibrant, complex songs with exotic ethnic percussion and electronic swirls wrap around deliciously layered lyrics and melodies throughout the album. From Delicate One’s hard-hitting opening track “Down To You” to the gentle meditation of “I Feel (She Said)” to the funky-punky fun of “Hero,” STARFISH LILY’s multi-genre instincts have mixed up an intriguing style-cocktail.

Darren Otero

Keyboardist/guitarist and composer Darren Otero never lets his Conservatory training get in the way of making great music. While he’s a master of subtle orchestration and intricate harmonic construction in his film and television scores, on Delicate One, Darren’s in full guitar-pick shredding mode. Crank that puppy up to 11, would ya?

Onstage, the duo performs amid a barrage of electronic gear. Computers, keyboards, and samplers mix with guitars and unusual control devices. One of the highlights of STARFISH LILY’s interactive live performance in the use of the Buchla Lightning II, a system to control electronic instruments and computers by using infrared beams of light emitted from a pair of baton-like wands. To trigger sound and music events during the performance, Lynn “conducts” the drums and other instruments with the wands, allowing her to sing and move around while still having full control of the electronic sonic web that spins around the stage - a technical and visual marvel!

STARFISH LILY is on the cutting edge of new music with Ethnotronic Rock. For more information send email to